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Since 1952 

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Mechanical Counter Scale                                       

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  • 'ALEXANDRA' offered aluminium die-cast body counter scale in the weighing range of 2kg, 5 kg, 10 kg & 15 kg.

  • Standard of quality to ensure consistent weighing sprrf & trouble free working for long time.

  • Highly accuracy in weighing due to sharpness of a steel knife edge.

  • Aluminium die-cast body, S. S. Pan, centre needle indicator to make read easy & convenient to buyer and seller.

  • Keeping personal attention on each and every counter scales for its quality.

        ' ALEXANDRA' Scales are in field since half century             to         assure quality products of all types of scale.

All types of pans are available as per requirements in Both Barrenger type and Needle type.

  1. Oblong & Dish

  2. Oblong & Wt. Plate

  3. Equal Dishes

  4. Dish & Wt. Plate

  5. Both Side Iron Plate ( weight plate )

  6. Tray Pan & Wt. Plate






Due to Alexandra Scale's policy of continuous development, these specifications are subject to change without notice

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