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Since 1952 

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Basic Series Platform Scale


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Capacity 30 kg. 50 kg. 100 kg. 200 kg. 300 kg. 500 kg.
Leastcount 5 gm. 5/10 gm. 10 gm. 20 gm. 50 gm. 100 gm.
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Perfectly engineered structure.
Elegant look, compact design.
Safe overload = 150% and ultimate overload = 200%
Overload protection for loadcell with audio-visual indication.
7 segments bright RED/GREDN LED displays OR Unique ‘8’ character large alphanumeric LCD display with backlight.
Auto Zero tracking.
Tare function upto full-scale capacity.
Operating temperature: 10 – 40 degree c.
Voltage: 230 VAC +/- 10%, 50Hz
Detachable supply cord.
Indicates gross and net weights.
Unit resistant to dirt and moisture.
Inbuilt extra fuse catridge for uninterrupted weighing operations.
Data accumulation facility, i.e. M+ / MR features.
Stand-by feature.
Automatic calibration from front panel without any restriction of specific calibration weights.
Unique weight stability indicator with reading locking facility.
Centre overload protection bolt to protect loadcell.
Heavy-duty load distribution frame with Rubber matting mounted on load cell for accurate performance.
Environmentally protected, highly accurate Stainless Steel Load cells are used in the system.


Battery Backup Facility
Piece Counting Facility
RS 232 C serial Interface for Computer or Printer

Due to Alexandra Scale's policy of continuous development, these specifications are subject to change without notice

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