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Loose Weight Platform Scale

Model No.: 786

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Capacity 100 kg. 300 kg. 500 kg.
Division 50 gm. 100 gm. 100 gm.
Platform [app.] 410 x 330 mm 635 x 406 mm 600 x 600 mm


The machine is highly sensitive because of precision workmanship.

The machine is light in weight and easily portable.

The machine is mounted on four wheels on continuos axles.

The machine is well painted to give durable streamlined finish.

The box is casted one piece and designed to give maximum strength and stability for the working of two levers inside.

The machine is provided with four locks on lever to avoid re-adjustment of levers after carrying it from one place to another.

The machine is fitted with easily read steelyard graduated in metric standard of weight.

The machine pillar is made of metal and is impervious to insect unlike wooden pillar.

To make the machine easily portable the steelyard can be locked if desired.

The balance can be adjusted by the operation of the screw fitted in the end of the steelyard in accordance with the weights and measures Act.

The working parts of the machine are hardened upto 62 RC for maximum durability and accurate working.

Due to Alexandra Scale's policy of continuous development, these specifications are subject to change without notice

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