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Since 1952 

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Jewellery Series Electronic Scale


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Capacity 300 gm. 500 gm.
Least Count 10 mg. 20 mg.

Pan Size

110 mm. Dia.


  • Attractive aerodynamic compact model.
  • Advance technology PCB with faster response time for accurate weighing
  • Bright RED LED display better compared to cheap and dull LCD display
  • Tough Aluminum Casting base used, which is very strong, compared to imported plastic scales.
  • PCB is developed indigenously which makes it easy to repair and maintain.
  • Functions available : TARE, NETT/GROSS, M+, MR
  • Linearity Adjustment through Keyboard
  • Programmable Auto Zero Tracking [AZT]
  • Display intensity adjustable through keyboard.
  • "Auto Off" feature OR running display of "Today’s Gold and Silver Rate"
  • Programmable extra "0" at end of display for confusion-free reading
  • Selectable "Last mode of operation" i.e. gram, tola, etc.
  • Single set-point alarm on set weight.

Due to Alexandra Scale's policy of continuous development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.

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