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Since 1952 

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Flameproof Indicator


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One glass window of 50 x 100 mm.

Four push buttons are provided for operation of TARE/OFF, MODE, M+ and MR.

Groups - II A, II B as per IS-2148-1981

Degree of protection - IP55 IS-2147-1962

Earthing - one internal and one external screw provided.

Finish - Epoxy Paint

Material - LM6 or Cast Iron

Glass - Heat Resistant

Gasket - 'O' Ring Neoprene

Zero / Tare function.
Net Gross indication facility.
Stand by mode.
Audio-Visual overload indication. "SORRY" for overload indication.
Special design for trouble free performance.
Bright Red/Green LED display
Interactive Calibration through " Question and Answer ", user friendly system, very easy to operate from front panel with the help of any available known weight.
Tare function upto full scale capacity.
Data accumulation facility, i.e. M+ / MR features. We will provide RS 232 interface which can be linked with either computer or printer.
Unique weight stability indicator with reading locking facility.

Due to Alexandra Scale's policy of continuous development, these specifications are subject to change without notice

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